Improbable Defence

about us

Dedicated to defence
and national security

Improbable Defence is a mission focused technology company working to transform the national security of our nations and their allies in the face of increasing global competition and evolving threats.

Today, national security is defined by technological superiority. We believe that software more than any other capability will redefine how war is fought and who will be on the winning side. Those entrusted with the preservation of our freedom, prosperity and safety deserve the best software-defined capabilities available

Since the end of the Cold War, the UK, US and their allies have been unchallenged in military technological dominance. Today, we are facing a different reality: our adversaries are seizing the technological edge.

Improbable Defence chooses to stand up and not stand by. We are building cutting-edge software products to help our nations retake the technological advantage. We believe in defending our democratic values against those who seek to undermine them. Supporting those tasked with this mission is at the heart of all we do. We seek to radically transform the mission outcomes of those whose responsibility it is to keep us safe.

Securing a strategic advantage in an era of constant competition

Our leadership, like the organisations we work with, is drawn from across academia, industry, government, and the defence and national security community.

They’re united by a single mission: employing technology to ensure the security and prosperity of the UK and its allies.

About Improbable

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in London, Improbable employs more than 900 staff.

We’re dedicated to creating and enabling fulfilling online experiences – from multiplayer games to the live interactive events and social spaces that promise to unleash the full potential of virtual worlds and the metaverse.

Improbable Defence, based in London and Washington DC, builds on the foundation of Improbable’s games and metaverse technology.

We adapt and extend it for real-world use, augmenting the commercially proven technology with expertise in computational modelling, AI, data analytics and other areas relevant to defence and national security.

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