Improbable at TED

Improbable at TED In a TED talk that’s been viewed more than 1.5 million times, Improbable CEO Herman Narula explains why he thinks that the biggest changes to the way we work, how we’re educated, and how we live won’t come from AI, space travel or biotech – they’re going to come from video games. […]

Modelling pandemic responses

Modelling pandemic responses The same technology that can help defence organisations plan and train can also help government authorities explore possible responses to COVID-19. Improbable spoke to Wired to suggest how the ability to couple models across sectors and update them in real time can enhance the tools available to planners and policy-makers. Read article

From games to real-world decision-making

From games to real-world decision-making Technologies being pioneered by the games industry are being adopted by governments and national security organisations to meet today’s most urgent challenges. CEO of Improbable’s defence business, Joe Robinson, addresses how these innovations can transform decision-making at the London School of Economics. Listen here

AI & the future of warfare

AI & the future of warfare In this episode of the Harvard Business Review’s Exponential View podcast, Improbable adviser General Sir Richard Barrons discusses the increasing irrelevance of conventional distinctions between war and peace, and the importance of societal resilience. Listen here

Improbable at NATO Engages

Improbable at NATO Engages As new, ever-more-powerful technologies emerge, the essential nature of warfare is changing. Improbable CEO Herman Narula joined a range of experts to discuss how NATO can adapt its strategic thinking and maintain its competitive edge. Watch video

Transforming UK collective training

Transforming UK collective training As part of its Collective Training & Transformation Programme, the British Army has asked Improbable to help them explore how synthetic environments of unprecedented scale and complexity can help individuals and teams operate effectively above and below the threshold of conflict. Read article

Helping the British Army thrive in complexity

Helping the British Army thrive in complexity Complexity has always been a major feature of the battlefield, but it’s fast becoming its defining characteristic. According to our defence CEO, Joe Robinson, if you master this complexity – if you can use it rather than fear it – then you have a priceless advantage. Read article

What is a synthetic environment?

What is a synthetic environment? From COVID-19 to the grey zone of hybrid warfare, today’s threats to global security are complex, fluid and fast moving. Synthetic environments help planners, policy-designers and decision-takers explore such issues in a virtual world before taking action in the real one. But what exactly are they?

Amplifying AI & Machine Learning

Amplifying AI & Machine Learning Swift, effective and well-informed decision-making relies on data. Although there’s no shortage of data in today’s world, leaders lack widespread access to analytical tools powerful enough to make sense of it all. But that’s changing. Improbable was invited to explain how and why at the 2nd Adarga AI Symposium. Read […]

Reimagining NATO

Reimagining NATO Improbable adviser Air Marshal Sir Chris Harper is a former Director General of the NATO’s International Military Staff. He recently shared his proposals for improving the speed, efficiency and effectiveness of the Alliance’s decision-making with the Atlantic Council in NATO20/2020. Read article