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Together with nine of our partners, we’ve created a complex, challenging and rigorous collective training scenario to demonstrate how, when developers use Skyral to collaborate, you get something that’s so much more than the sum of its parts.


As the first stage in ongoing reference implementation, Skyral CT/22 is a demonstration of a new approach to development. As such, it’s also been a technical challenge: what could a small team of around 15 engineers achieve in only 12 weeks? And we set ourselves some specific success criteria.

 High-fidelity sub-threshold modelling

Coupling of models governing the information space, public sentiment and civilian population behaviours

 Representative scale and density

250,000 complex entities spread across a 50,000 square km map

 Effective composition of applications, data and models

Ensure that different training audiences could train in the same virtual space using different tools

 Rigorous data exploitation

Guarantee meticulous planning, monitoring and controlling of the exercise, as well as full analysis of data

 Accessibility from HQ to the edge

Hosting that allows solutions to be accessed more frequently and wherever they’re needed

4C Strategies is a provider of organisational readiness and military training management solutions. Their flagship product, Exonaut, is a highly scalable and configurable software platform for effective planning, managing, mapping, and evaluating training and exercises.

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Bohemia Interactive’s products offer a complete simulation training and mission rehearsal capability that is the most-used military virtual environment worldwide. With its flagship VBS4 software, militaries can begin training in seconds anywhere in the world with high-fidelity geospatial representation.

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Daden’s Automated Social Media Synthetic Wrap (ASMSW) works with an underlying simulation system or wargame to generate social media feeds, news and even military reports from simulated civilian populations, news media and combatants.

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Dell Integrated System for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI is a purpose-built system designed to simplify and streamline Azure multi-cloud ecosystem with integrated fully engineered infrastructure foundation.

Widely-known and well-regarded across defence and the geospatial data management community, Envitia is a data analytics company, with deep domain expertise (geospatial and data). Their central product, the Data Discovery Platform (DDP), is based on open standards for discovery, management and analysis of information.

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Part of the Azure Stack portfolio, Azure Stack Hub broadens Azure to let users run apps in an on-premises environment and deliver Azure services in their data centre, to include disconnected classified environments.

Montvieux is a technology research and services company, working across the domains of machine intelligence, complex data and internet-facing services. Its Autonomous Social-agent Based Influence Range (ASAIR) provides a high-fidelity emulation of real online audiences but within a controlled, safe and repeatable environment.

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SimCentric creates highly immersive virtual worlds using its VR trainer, SAF-TAC. Personnel can train as they fight through realistic and intuitive movements that mimic real-world action.

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Simthetiq’s team of experts deliver a broad array of services, from 3D modelling and terrain generation to end-to-end training application development for simulation & training. Simthetiq has been serving civil aviation, defence, transportation and serious gaming customers for more than a decade.