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Discover Skyral: Transforming defence business from the back office to the front line

Improbable launches Skyral – a platform-enabled ecosystem that supports a diverse network of partners across government, industry and academia in order to transform how defence synthetic environments are developed, deployed and sustained.

29 June 2022, LONDON – Improbable Defence today launched Skyral, a software development platform engineered to allow organisations across government, industry and academia to collaborate more effectively on the rapid development and ongoing evolution of defence synthetic environments – virtual worlds that are transforming how the UK, the US and their allies plan, train and operate to meet today’s dynamic security challenges.

Skyral comprises a broad range of Improbable and partner tools, technologies and services that provide government organisations and industrial partners the capability they need to develop, deploy and operate synthetic solutions faster and more reliably, and to keep up with an ever-evolving synthetic demand.

‘Governments and armed forces across the Western Alliance are striving to transform how they do business,’ says Joe Robinson, CEO of Improbable Defence. ‘Synthetic environments can enable this transformation. But traditional vertical delivery methods mean these crucial capabilities have been expensive to procure, slow to develop and difficult to adapt.

‘And that’s why we’ve built Skyral. Because if defence is going to transform how it operates, it’s going to need industry suppliers to change, too – and find new ways to work together and deliver the world-class tools that users need.’

Skyral is deployed today with the US and UK defence and intelligence community across a variety of missions. The platform brings together data, computational models and the latest AI and machine learning innovations in order to simulate real-world scenarios. It allows users to analyse the complex, fast-moving challenges they face, explore the likely consequences of different actions, and then deliver a swift, effective response.

Robinson continues: ‘I can’t think of a more important mission than ensuring our collective security. Improbable Defence has been very privileged to work in close partnership with allied defence departments to help them transform their ability to prepare and respond to today’s most urgent and complex threats.’

Caitlin Dohrman, General Manager of Improbable US Defense & National Security said, ‘Skyral represents a new, more collaborative way of working that will have a profound effect on how crucial digital capabilities are delivered. It offers our governments and militaries a chance to regain and maintain a competitive edge over our adversaries.’

Nabil Lodey, CEO of Envitia, said, ‘Our collaboration with Improbable Defence is about helping our end users extract the maximum value from the vast amount of data they have. As a result they can save time, save money and – ultimately – save lives.’

Jeremy Poulter is Industry Solutions Director, UK Defence at Microsoft UK. He said, ‘I think that Defence has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to employ digital technologies that will fundamentally transform how it operates. But if it’s to do so, it needs large firms like Microsoft to collaborate with Improbable and other SMEs, as well as traditional primes, in order to solve a huge variety of complex challenges.’

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