Improbable Defence

Improbable Defence @ IT2EC 2022

In the face of a fluid, fast-moving threat landscape, the latest multi-domain synthetic environments are a critical capability for defence and security. They can offer a crucial competitive edge to organisations and personnel that need to operate effectively in fast-moving, fluid and often highly ambiguous situations.

That’s why events like IT2EC are so important in exploring and harnessing the latest technologies and innovations surrounding synthetic training so they can be put into the hands of the organisations we serve – quickly, flexibly and economically.

If, like us, you’re gearing up for IT2EC 2022 then you’ll know we’re working to the same ends: helping defence personnel train and prepare more effectively for complex, ambiguous and fast-moving operating environments.

Personnel need ways of exploring, understanding and ultimately overcoming threats as quickly as they appear. This is why Improbable Defence is aiming, above all else, to enable a new generation of multi-domain, multi-role synthetic capabilities.

Through a platform approach, involving crucial partner integrations that unite the latest, most reliable and most relevant content and technologies, organisations and personnel can harness the power of military simulations and synthetic environments to navigate today’s threat landscape. These richly detailed, highly realistic virtual worlds give soldiers the chance to freely make mistakes, so they’re safer when they head out on operations in the real one.

Visit us at stand D1 where we’ll be demonstrating how our development platform supports the swift, economical development of richly detailed and uniquely complex synthetic environments for collective training, operational planning, decision support, and a range of other defence business.

The platform comprises tools, technologies and services that provide defence organisations – as well as third-party developers and system integrators – with everything needed to develop, deploy and operate synthetic solutions.

Over at the DisTec Lounge, Improbable’s VP of engineering Jason Kennedy will present ‘Disruption, Made Constructive: changing how industry works so the military can transform how it trains’. Tune in at 11:30, Wednesday 27 April for insight into how industry and research organisations can forge new relationships with government – and with one another – to get the latest technological innovations into the hands of defence users more quickly and economically.

Whatever your movements at IT2EC – we’d love to meet you. Reach out and kick off a chat ahead of the event so we can find out a little more about you, your precise needs and how Improbable Defence can help.