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London, Exercise ARRCADE LIONHEART 2022: reimagining urban warfare

ARRCADE Lionheart
The NATO 2022 Strategic Concept paints a stark portrait of a world rocked by ‘pervasive instability, rising strategic competition and advancing authoritarianism’. In an age of high-intensity, multi-domain urban operations, challenges such as these threaten to undermine the West’s values, security and prosperity. Exercises like ARRCADE LIONHEART are vital in providing a means by which decision takers, policy makers and personnel can address today’s fluid, fast-moving and intricately interrelated challenges, and so better prepare the Alliance for complex future warfare.

On 5 July, the top floor of London’s Science Museum was given over to Headquarters Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (HQ ARRC) as it delivered Exercise ARRCADE LIONHEART. Discussion revolved around military operations in urban areas, a particularly relevant topic at a time when Russia’s war of aggression demands a stalwart defence by Ukraine of its towns and cities.  Together with over 200 senior staff from across NATO, leading academics and fellow industry specialists, members from Improbable Defence were privileged to attend. Among the discussions: how can industry and academia help the Alliance adopt and integrate the latest emerging technologies, and so retain its military edge? We asked a handful of attendees for their views.

Watch the full video below for more from Major General Kev Copsey, Brigadier General Tom Feltey, Major General Gez Strickland and Dr Jack Watling.