Improbable Defence


Breaking new ground

Our research team conducts original, peer-reviewed and independently funded research in collaboration with experts from The Alan Turing Institute and the universities of Bristol, Coventry, Durham, Leeds, Manchester, Oxford and Strathclyde among others.

We confront the most demanding scientific and technical challenges at the intersection of simulation, data science and AI to clear the path for trusted, intelligent simulations as a strategic resource to address real-world problems.

Myridian: a new kind of scientific alliance

We’re launching the Myridian programme to make the latest research and technological innovations available, useful and usable to leaders and decision makers across government and defence – and to do so more quickly and economically than is currently possible.

The programme brings together experts from the UK’s leading academic institutions and research organisations including the universities of Bristol, Durham, Leeds, Manchester and Oxford.

The result is deep but wide-ranging expertise in modelling and simulation, data analytics, AI and machine learning, distributed systems, social dynamics and human behaviour, as well as a range of related fields.

We’ll be announcing the first in a series of discussions soon.

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