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Improbable’s defence business is dedicated to improving the resilience and operational effectiveness of governments and their defence and national security organisations.

From policy design and future force planning to operational planning, decision support and collective training, multi-domain synthetic environments let users experiment in a virtual world before taking action in the real one.

Planning and policy design

Planners, policy designers and decision makers can use synthetic environments to evaluate, analyse and respond to the challenges they face.

Users can experience and interact with their environment via a live geospatial dashboard for improved situational awareness, a course-of-action editor for collaborative policy design, and an all-domain virtual simulation environment for testing, comparison and rehearsal.

Read about our work with the Royal Society’s COVID modelling initiative here, and with UK Strategic Command on enhanced decision support here.

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Collective Live-Virtual-Constructive training

Train more people, more quickly and more effectively – for less. Drawing on the latest and most relevant content from across the industry, these environments can represent 5+1 domains together with PMESII factors. They include mission directive dashboards as well as immersive, interactive environments that can accommodate thousands of participants who can access them from anywhere in the world on almost any device.

For more on Improbable’s work with the British Army’s Collective Training Transformation Programme, click here.

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What is a synthetic environment?

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