Enhancing preparedness and ensuring operational success

From uniquely immersive collective training to policy design and operational decision support, the latest synthetic environments can transform an organisation’s ability to address complex security challenges and orchestrate a swift, integrated response.

Richly detailed and endlessly adaptable, these virtual worlds integrate land, sea, air, space and cyber with the information domain as well as abstract political, social, diplomatic and economic systems. Thanks to advanced modelling and simulation capabilities, they also allow users to investigate the likely cross-domain consequences of different actions based on a range of assumptions.

Not only does this give users at every level greater insight into their operating environment and the nature of the challenges they face, it also allows them to train effectively, frequently and economically to overcome those challenges.

Integrating training and planning at every level

Bring planning, training and decision support together across strategic, operational and tactical levels simultaneously.

As well as helping improve users’ situational awareness, synthetics can also enhance and accelerate existing planning processes. Plans can then be tested by hundreds of personnel, who can train and rehearse collectively within the same synthetic environment. Feeding performance data from these training sessions back into the planning process creates a positive feedback loop.

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Enhancing national resilience

Environments running on Improbable’s platform can incorporate live data sets and the most reliable models available, and feature a live geospatial dashboard. These dynamic, data-rich synthetic environments can aid policy design, planning and decision making across departments, and promote cross-government integration at national, regional and local levels.

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